Applying your strengths: How to use the abilities you have to create a big impact around you

Knowing your strengths is a crucial first step in achieving success and fulfillment in various aspects of your life. However, it is equally important to learn how to use your strengths effectively. In this article, we will explore some ways you can use them.

Applying Your Strengths

The obvious way to use your strengths is to apply them to challenges you may face. When confronted with a problem or obstacle, think about how you can use them to overcome it. For example, if you excel at dealing with people, don't try to solve your problems by sitting alone in your room. You can tackle them by reaching out to people and getting help from them. Of course, you also need to make sure you are in a position to use your strengths. Positioning yourself well is especially relevant if you are in a career or job. To do this, you can talk to your supervisor about your strengths and find ways to incorporate them into your daily work. For instance, if you're great at public speaking, you can volunteer to speak in the presentation for your team's project. You can also try volunteering to be the emcee of the company dinner if the opportunity arises. Chances may come from unexpected places, so keep an open mind and be willing to try new things. If you have exhausted your options and find that you can't use your strengths anywhere in your job, perhaps you need to look for a new one. Continuously working from a position of weakness can negatively affect your mental health. You will be much happier if you can do things suited to your talents. This idea also applies to other domains of your life, such as relationships or personal well-being. Always try to find ways to find opportunities to showcase your unique abilities.

Complementing Your Strengths

Surrounding yourself with people who complement your strengths can help make your life easier. You can seek out individuals with strengths that complement your own and work collaboratively with them. For example, if you're great at strategizing but not as skilled at implementation, find someone good at execution to work with you on a project. You will be able to be much more productive that way.


Using your strengths is essential to achieving success and fulfillment in your life. You can try applying them in your job, relationships, or personal well-being. You can also seek people who complement your strengths. You will be much more effective together than alone.

What are your strengths and how can you apply them more in your life?