Finding confidence in life's toughest questions: The power of knowing your values

Your values affect your decisions in different domains of your life. Knowing your values can help you navigate life's many challenges. Your values matter for your work. Someone who values independence and creativity might prefer starting their own business to working for a large corporation. On the other hand, someone who craves security would do well to work for a well-established company that gives a good benefits package. Your values also matter for your relationships. A person who values honesty and authenticity might end a relationship if they feel their partner is not truthful. On the other hand, someone who prioritizes stability might work through the challenge to maintain the status quo and keep the commitment intact. If you value financial stability, you might choose to save and invest in your future. But if you place more importance on the experiences in your youth, you might decide to spend money on travel and adventure. In all the scenarios discussed above, no decision is wrong. It all depends on what you truly want. Because what you care about can change depending on your circumstances, you need to be in tune with your deepest values. So by the time you have to make a decision, you will be ready. The questions that life asks of you are often not easy. But knowing your values clearly will help you answer them with more confidence.

Which domain of your life would benefit from a deeper understanding of your values?