Look inside yourself: Discover your values by examining yourself from a close distance

Discovering your values is a personal journey. Many techniques can help guide you in the process. Here, we will look at several ways you can look inward to learn more about what matters to you. First, you can reflect on your past experiences. Think about times when you felt fulfilled, proud, or satisfied. What values were at the core of those experiences? And then think about times when you felt regretful or disappointed with yourself. What value did you violate? Reflecting on the past can give you a clearer picture of what truly matters to you. You can also think of your dreams and aspirations. What do you look forward to most during your day, and what value lies behind that activity? For example, if you look forward to meeting your best friend the most, then friendship is one of your most cherished values. In the long term, if you dream about living in a foreign country, perhaps you value freedom or novelty. Your values can change. To help you keep in touch with your core values, you can journal or write down your thoughts on paper. Doing this can help you tune in to your deepest thoughts and emotions, especially during times of change. Remember, discovering your values is a continuous process. By looking inward, you can learn much about what matters to you. What's important is that you stay patient, open-minded, and willing to make changes as you grow and evolve.

Think about a time when you felt proud or satisfied. What values were at the core of those experiences?