Learn how the right kind of self-reflection can improve your daily mood

Reflection is thinking deeply about your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and behaviors. It is a powerful tool that can help you know yourself better, determine aspects of your life that you can improve, and boost your happiness. However, you should know why self-reflection can boost your daily mood. In a well-known study, Jennifer Lyke from Stockton University found that the act of engaging in self-reflection does not affect happiness by itself. But insight - understanding one's behavior and emotions- does. Self-reflection that leads to a better understanding of yourself is good for you. However, studies find that self-rumination (dwelling on negative thoughts) can decrease happiness. While reflection can be a powerful tool, you should do it with the right intent - to gain insight. The types of insight you can gain with self-reflection are many. You could find the things that trigger negative emotions and learn to avoid them. You could examine how certain habits can bring you up or tear you down. You could also feel more grateful as you reflect on the good things that happened in your life. Engaging in self-reflection can be as easy as setting aside a few minutes each day to write in a journal. You can also do it by talking to a counselor or a friend. In any way, reflection can be a potent tool to improve your daily mood.

In which area of your life can more self-reflection help?